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Balance Bikes

Buying your child their first bike is an important decision. Cycling will give your child many hours of enjoyment and exercise and will promote learning and improve coordination and balance. In the short-term though, there may be a few bumps and scrapes, and expressions of frustration. To minimise minor accidents during the learning process, a balance bike is a great starting point. Balance bikes enable your child to place their feet on the ground and gain momentum by pushing themselves along. Once they gain speed, they can lift their feet and coast along, learning balance. Toukley World of Bikes on the Central Coast stock a range of balance bikes in colours for boys and girls.

Kids Bikes

Once your child has mastered the art of balance, they will be ready for a bike with pedals and brakes. Kids grow rapidly and it may be tempting to buy a bike they can ‘grow into’. However, in the interests of safety, it’s best to choose a bike that is suited to their height and leg length. Saddle height is easily adjusted and allows some scope for growth, but it’s important that your child is able to place their feet on the ground easily to restore balance, and to enable them to stop safely. Visit our store to view our selection of Kids bikes and for guidance on choosing the best bike to suit your child.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love for you to come into our store and see for yourself. We are a local, family owned business and we offer quality bikes at a very reasonable price. We provide expertise and knowledge around the perfect bike for you and love helping you find the right size frame.

We consider many factors when recommending a bike for an individual. These would include your intended use for the bike, your size, your age, your weight and your riding experience.

We stock a wide range of bikes and bike accessories. We have a range of kids’ bikes, adult female cruiser bikes, adult male cruiser bikes as well as a range of both men’s and women’s performance bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes and electric bikes.

We offer a full bike service and repair service from our store located in Toukley. We also do puncture repairs and accessory replacement. We also offer a free service on bikes purchased from our store 6-8 weeks after your purchase.

Yes, we service a range of brands and will always try and assist with a service or repair.