We Sell Mobility Aids on the Central Coast

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Mobility & Walking Aids

Toukley World of Bikes are an NDIS registered provider, servicing the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie with assistive technologies. We sell and hire out a range of mobility aids to suit your individual circumstances and needs. Our range includes seat walkers, crutches and wheelchairs designed to assist you to move about safely. Other mobility aids available include walking frames, tri-walkers, side walkers, walking belts and walking sticks. Our friendly team are happy to assist you to select the most appropriate aids to support your mobility, regardless of circumstances. For more information, please call or visit our store.

Chairs & Cushions

In addition to our mobility aids, we sell chairs and cushions designed to improve comfort and assist with movement within the home. High back chairs provide excellent back support, and their adjustable height makes sitting and standing easier. Foam cushions can be used in conjunction with existing furniture to provide additional postural support and comfort in the home. If standing from a seated position is difficult, a chair lift will assist and improve mobility in daily living tasks. As an NDIS registered provider, our range of appliances and equipment is approved by the NDIS.
High Back Euro Chair
Scooter Mac-SE306

Mobility Scooters

Toukley World of Bikes is the only store that sells both bikes and mobility scooters. Our range includes four-wheeled mobility scooters as well as three-wheel models for greater manoeuvrability. Foldable scooters are included in the range and can be easily transported in your vehicle. All mobility scooters can be delivered to your home for a flat fee of $65. We also offer mobile repairs and servicing to all our elderly customers; no need to bring your scooter in – we will come to you. Scooters can be hired or purchased from our store. We also carry chargers for battery-operated equipment. For further information, call or visit our Toukley bike store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As with almost anything, quality and expertise is often missing when purchasing online. Here at Toukley World of Bikes we have over 20 years of experience in mobility aids. We provide knowledgeable expertise as well as ongoing servicing and repairs.

Of course, we will always try and help you with a service or repair. However, it is often difficult to find the right parts if you have purchased online as often the quality of the product is not of the same standard we would provide. We also offer a mobile mobility scooter service, making it easy as we will come to you!

We highly recommend doing your research before making a purchase. Feel free to come in and chat with our friendly staff to understand the importance of choosing the correct scooter for your needs and the right quality to extend the life of your scooter.

There are many factors we consider when recommending a scooter for an individual, these would include your size and weight as well as your level of mobility needs and the level of daily use.

Our staff really want to help you to get a feel for the right scooter. We will do what we can to help you look, feel and try your new scooter.