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Retro bikes are styled to look like the bikes of yesteryear. Our ladies retro bikes have an easy step-through design frame for ease of mounting the saddle. While traditional in style, both men’s and women’s retro bikes include many of the features of modern bicycles. These include easily adjustable gears, hand-operated brakes and comfortable saddles. Some models come with easy-release features for adjusting seat height, and for removing and replacing wheels. Other features of our retro bike range are front baskets on women’s bikes and carriers at the rear. Retro bikes are ideal for riding on smooth surfaces such as roads and bicycle paths. Call or visit Toukley World on Bikes on the Central Coast today!


Cruiser bikes are ideal for leisurely rides around the city and suburbs. They have either a limited gear range or are single speed, meaning they are not suited to hilly rides. Cruisers typically have coaster brakes which are applied by turning the pedals backwards. Designed for comfort rather than speed, cruisers are durable, and their thick tyres mean they can cope with a few bumps and potholes without spoiling your riding experience. The handlebars enable you to cycle in an upright position, and seats are well-padded. Our cruisers include men’s and women’s models. They are great for doing chores and getting around your local neighbourhood. Drop in to our Central Coast bike shop to view our cruiser range.
Cruiser Bike — Bike Store in the Central Coast

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