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Two & Three-Wheelers

Scooters are a great way to introduce kids to the exhilaration of coasting along on wheels. Our range of two and three-wheeled kids scooters will not only bring loads of enjoyment and play to both children and adults, but they are also an ideal way to learn balance. Scooters have low decks and are propelled by pushing along with one foot. When your child is ready, they can place both feet on the deck and enjoy gliding along. In addition to two-wheeled scooters, we sell three-wheeled scooters. The addition of a third wheel and lowered deck improves the stability of these scooters. Scooters are available in a range of colours and there are several styles and sizes to choose between. Call or visit our Central Coast bike shop today to learn more.

Mobility Scooters

Toukley World of Bikes is the only store that sells both bikes and mobility scooters. Our range includes four-wheeled mobility scooters as well as three-wheel models for greater manoeuvrability. Foldable scooters are included in the range and can be easily transported in your vehicle. All mobility scooters can be delivered to your home for a flat fee of $65. We also offer mobile repairs and servicing to all our elderly customers; no need to bring your scooter in – we will come to you. Scooters can be hired or purchased from our store. We also carry chargers for battery-operated equipment. For further information, call or visit our Toukley bike store.
Scooter Mac-SE306

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